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Children's Heart Research and Outcomes Center

Get to Know Us

The Heart Research and Outcomes Center (HeRO) seeks to reduce the morbidity of pediatric heart disease. Our Center will lead the transformation of focused cardiac research in to innovative therapies for young patients.  Major areas of research include Regenerative and Nanomedicine Technologies, Cardiac Development, Cardiac Outcomes, Cardiac Devices, and Neurodevelopmental Studies. 

At HeRO we strive to create the next generation of pediatric-specific therapies.  We do this through cutting edge research using nanotechnology, stem cells, and better understanding of normal and abnormal cardiovascular development.  We also look at the whole picture: what will happen to these children as they age from a neurodevelopmental standpoint.  By researching both daily function and long-term outcomes, we hope to have a better understanding of how we can help these children regain normal function.  Our research blends fundamental basic science, with translational and clinical medicine to improve the quality of life of children with CHD.

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2015 Uppergate Road
Atlanta, GA 30322


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